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Recommendations about application

Preparation of "Ecosil", water эмульсия 50 g/l triterpene acids a regulator of growth with fungitsivnymi properties, индуктор immunity of plants.

  • The discriminating name: "Ecosil".
  • Firm (registrant), the manufacturer: УП "BelUniversalProdukt".
  • Active substance (on 180): triterpenovye acids of wood greens of a fir Siberian.
  • The preparativnaja form and concentration: 5 %-s' water эмульсия (50 г/л).
  • Appointment: the Regulator of growth with fungicidal activity.
  • Compatibility with other pesticides: it is combined with known herbicides and фунгицидами.
  • The period of protective action: activation of immunity since the moment
  • Speed of effect: within 15-30 minutes after application, the visible effect comes in 2-3 days.
  • Not phytotoxic, resistance it is not observed.
  • Recommendations about protection of useful objects of flora and fauna: the preparation of "Ecosil" concerns 4 class of danger to bees in field conditions.
  • Class of danger IV.
  • First aid at a poisoning: at hit emulsion on a skin and mucous membranes the product is necessary for washing off a water considerable quantity. At проглатывании a preparation it is necessary to wash out a stomach and then to accept the activated coal. At preparation hit through respiratory organs to introduce the victim to the fresh
    Air. Treatment if necessary the symptomatic.
  • Security measures and rules of personal hygiene at transportation, storage and application are established by sanitary rules and norms:"Hygienic requirements to storage, application and transportation of pesticides and agrochemicals";"the Safety rule at storage, transportation and application of pesticides in agriculture», М, Agropromizdat, 1985
    At work to use individual protection frames: cotton - paper dressing gowns or suits, dustproof respirators and points, rubber gloves. Before food intake carefully with soap to wash up hands and the person, to rinse a mouth, after work to take a shower.
  • Methods of neutralisation of the spilt or scattered pesticide, neutralisation and container salvaging: Neutralization of the spilt preparation, both in an agricultural production, and for personal part-time farms is not required. The spilt preparation whenever possible to collect (not to use in capacity capacity further suitable for food intake), the rests to remove from a surface water with washing-up liquids (soap, powders, etc.).
    Destruction of not used preparation is not required because even after working life the preparation has residual biological activity and can be used further, without increasing rate of application, with allowance for efficiency reduction. The container is utilised with household dust. Special measures of neutralisation of container from under a preparation it is not required. After washing of container by water with soap, the container can be used repeatedly.
  • Technology of application, order of preparation of a working liquid: using the table it (is applied), to calculate навеску a preparation, measure out her using measuring tank. Before preparation
    emulsion mix thoroughly! A preparation to dissolve in warm water
    At the temperature of 35-60°С, carefully to mix, supervising completeness of dissolution. Recommended sample of the breed in a relatively small volume of water in the bucket. Then previously diluted preparation to pour out in a tank and to finish to working volume. Processing is recommended to be conducted in morning or an evening and dry weather spraying of green weight of plants.
  • Storage: the Preparation store in the dry closed premises at the temperature of from 0°С to +30°С, protecting from effect of straight lines solar
    Beams. A storage warranty period - 3 years. Working life: 6 years.
Registration number: 10-0041.
Registration number of a tare label: ТРБ10-0045.

Аренда кквартир оболонь снять квартиру в киеве аренда.

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